Here are some frequently asked questions we have received.  While not all questions are added to this list, we will try to respond to any question you might have (click button on right).


Q:  When will my water bill be mailed?
A:  Water bills are mailed the last week of the month and payment is due by the   15th of the month.  If you use the online billing option, you can also receive online billing and reminders.
Q:  If I don't use any water, will I still get a bill?
A:  Yes, there is a Base Rate that will be charged.(Price of Base Rate depends on meter size)


Q: What are the drought contingency plans for Spring Valley?
A:  There are three stages of water restriction.  Please see the link here from the Section H of the Tariff for a description

Q: Why does debris come out of the faucet when running hot water?
A: Most likely your water heater needs to be flushed. This should be done once a year. CAUTION: If you plan on doing this yourself, read the owners manual to keep from being harmed and/or damaging the water heater.


Q: Can Aqua buy our water system?
A:  The Board has no intention nor the authority to sell the Corporation to Aqua.  Any sale of the Corporation would require approval of two-thirds of the members according to the Texas Non-Profit Corporation Act (referenced in 67.004 of the Water Code) which is now included within the Texas Business Organizations Code (see Business Organization Code Chapter 22: § 22.164).   Please see the following link for specific info:

Q: Are water rates increasing due to Aqua as the operator?
A:  No.  In fact, our rates cannot be raised by Aqua (operator) during our 2-year contract.  If costs continue to decline, we will be able to pass along savings back to our members.

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