Spring Valley Water Supply is a rural non-profit corporation that delivers water to residents and businesses near Lorena, TX. 
We currently service approximately 630 connections providing approximately 7.4 millon gallons of monthly water usage. 
The system operates under the oversight of TECQ - 
meeting and exceeding required standards for water quality.
Spring Valley Water Supply has been providing quality water to residents for the last 46 years. Located near Lorena, Texas, our growing system provides reliable delivery service at affordable rates.
Our website provides a source of communication regarding our water quality, prices, rates and answers to other questions for current members or potential customers.
Please email us with any questions.
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Spring Valley Water Supply
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The 2021 Water Quality Report is now available.

A water shortage exists as pumps cannot keep up with demand.  Starting June 17, 2022, Spring Valley will implement Stage 1 water rationing.  More info here.
SVWSC_Stage_1 details.pdf